Slide Together "WE" Make Westminster We The People


  • Trained and equipped police and fire departments.
  • Appropriate fire and police staffing.
  • Safe Infrastructure (streets, water systems, power…).


  • Partnerships with the businesses, schools, cities, and counties.
  • Working together to make the best Westminster possible.


  • Open discussion and education will lead to good decisions.
  • Solutions that are good for all and don’t put the needs of one over another.


  • Approach budget issues from the perspective that this is not my money but the taxpayers’ money.
  • Encourage business growth and development and tax revenue generation but without shifting the burden to future generations.
  • Maintain competitive employee salaries to continue to attract the best and the brightest.
  • Ensure that the highest quality services for Westminster citizens are maintained as a top priority.


  • Putting community ahead of self.
  • Possessing the confidence to serve.
  • Initiating service to others.
  • Not position-conscious.
  • Serving out of love for the community and those in it.
  • Servant leadership is never motivated by manipulation or self-promotion. In the end, the extent of your influence depends on the depth of your concern for others.